Wireless connection vs. Wired for Emini trading

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  1. I logged into the router and the only thing I could see related to Wireless was this "bridge mode" setting. Should this be turned on ? Otherwise, the security was set to low....and there were no port settings AFAIK.
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    Call your technical department of your internet provider that gave you that router. If you're using a different router not given to you by your internet provider...call the 1-800 number for the technical department for that router.

    Both will be able to help you with your WiFi issues. In fact, some these days even remotely connect to your computer to ensure your settings are correct.

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  3. I upgraded to IB Gateway version 475...and it worked....sort-of. The GUI was still all messed-up with the screen extending beyond my monitor's boundaries....but it did process the transactions.
    Wierd, very wierd.
    I must contact IB Tech support on this tomorrow.
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    Let us know what they tell you. I'm curious because a personal trading friend in the U.S. recently told me he's having the same issue when he upgraded to the IB Gateway 475 in reference to the screen issue beyond the boundaries.

    I will send him the link to this thread just in case he wants to join this forum to reply to this thread.

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