Wireless connection vs. Wired for Emini trading

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  1. Speed Test.net results: Ping=13ms, Download=297 Mbps, Upload=12 Mbps
    Ran the test several times...pretty consistent results.
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  2. 297 Mbps? That's waayyy fast unless you subscribe to a 1 Gbps service.
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  3. I'm at a friend's house, so I am not sure if it's a 1 Gbps service and router or not.
    All I can say, is after shutting down last night, this morning's service has been excellent.
    Very wierd....it's almost as if the adapter has "adapted"...or something else.
    Last night was so bad I had to keep reloading pages that were failing to load. Today feels as fast as my wired connection at my home.
    I wonder if there is some sort of interference in the evening hours....I will check on that later today.
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  4. schweiz


    Packet loss is more important than high speed.

    2019-04-09 15_54_30-Window.jpg

    You don't need high speed for trading.
    Will you make more money with a download speed of 297 Mbs then with 25Mbs? I don't think so.
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  5. MattZ

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    I understand. I posted this also for the readers of the site. We have a growing demand for people who want to trade from phones and other wireless devices. We just want to avoid any latency issues that could occur.
    I would say for most who can not measure latency, stay with a wired connection if possible.
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  6. volpri


    Only if you are trying to wing it HFTing. ROFLMAO

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  7. rb7


    Sadly, people confuse bandwidth with speed.

    297 Mbps is the bandwidth, not the speed. If you have 1 Kb to receive, having a 297 Mbps or a 2 Mbps link will make no difference. And for trading, 297 Mbps is way more than enough.

    It's like comparing the number of lanes on an highway. If an highway has 6 lanes, cars will not go any faster than on an highway with 2 lanes. More cars will be able to drive on the 6-lanes highway, but they will go at the same speed as cars on the 2-lanes highway (until the 2-lanes highway gets jammed).

    Latency is the time it takes to travel from one point to another. The smallest the latency, the faster bytes are travelling, meaning faster speed (the raw speed of electricity is equivalent to the speed of light)!.
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  8. wrbtrader


    I only repeated what my cable company and technical department of the trading platform I use and the charting software I use when I had questions about the suitability of my trading computers WiFi connections.

    Thus, its exactly what they stated to me. I'm no expert nor did I say I was an expert...they are the experts and its their job.

    By the way, I do not have any WiFi connection problems and its suitable for trading via WiFi at my home including away from home via my portable WiFi (router).

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  9. Here's an issue related to this wireless connection....I am unable to get Interactive Broker's Gateway to start-up at all....it just hangs. It's a Java application....that communicates with other programs to send API commands to it's servers. This could be a port configuration issue in the router, no ?
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  10. IamaMars


    For things like that I always buy not cheap solid wi-fi antenna adapter to existent one which you have in the notebooks. They vary by their strength signal and brand quality, but it's definitely much much much better than the thing built it. I know 2db, 3 db, 5 db, 7 db and 10db strentgh signal. I have 5db and do not have any glitches like I am on wired network totally. Don't thank;)
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