Wireless connection to IB TWS?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by yucca_mtn, May 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone having trouble connecting laptops to IB's TWS when using commercial wireless vendors away from home? At home, my wireless connections are great, but away from home it's a different ballgame. Something blocks connectivity to get through the login, not always but enough that I have no confidence, and it seems to take forever to set up a new wireless vendor account and get online - java? firewall?
    I don't know.

    Right now I'm trying out remote connections like gotomypc.com or logmein.com. Seems to work out OK but totally relies on my home PC not crashing while I'm away. Actually I'm keeping two PCs going at home hoping they won't both crash while I'm gone. I'll add a non-interruptible power supply too.

    Any ideas or suggestions about away from home IB connections?

    P.S. Not real interested in $80 per month cellular internet.
  2. no problem here. Connects the same as if i was in my home office.
  3. Thanks. I'm using a MacBook right now running "parallel" to emulate Win XP. Works fine at home. Maybe there are some settings on the Mac that are screwing me up. I have an older Win98 laptop that I may lug around with it.