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    From the Verizon Wireless website:

    "High Speed
    Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess is one of the fastest, fully mobile wireless Internet data solutions available. Quickly download complex files and view email attachments at typical speeds of 300-500 kbps, capable of reaching speeds up to 2 Mbps^"

    - Anybody have any experience with this? Could you run TS7 an IB from it? I had one of these a year ago, but it was hopelessly slow, far from the speed claimed above. Did they get so much better?


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    Yes. I use the Verizon Express network and yes it is much better than the old cdma tech. I never used to be able to run the tws on the old one but this new service does the trick. I don't know about ts7 but I imagine it would. I've had Q charts and E signal run on it just fine. If your moving in a car the reception may sometimes drop out but then comes back as you travel to a better area. The coverage on Long Island is very good. I've been out in the sound fishing while checking my positions. Really fun to catch blackfish and moves in the market at the same time.

    A high gain external antenna for the car helps quite a bit. Hope this helps.
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    Hehe I like fishing for striped bass of Montauk...
    Good. Will get it.

    New york is strange in coverage: My cell phone does not work in certain areas of midtown Manhattan, but then it works in the middle of nowhere in Utah...
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    Still not completely clear: First, Verizon says on the website they still use CDMA. Second, the old speed (a year ago) claimed to be 140 kbps, but was more like 40.

    Now they say 3-500 kbps. Do you think this is accurate for download?

    What modem card do you recommend?

    Thanks, Vienna
  5. It's still cdma but it is third generation cdma. I don't really know how fast the downloads are but they seem to be about 70 kps or so,on average somewhat faster then a conventional land line phone modem. It varies with signal strength. I use a Sierra wireless card....Aircard 555. Try the service and if you don't like it I'm pretty sure you can return the card within 30 days if you don't like it.

    I saw the world record rod and reel striper come into Montauk while I was working the front desk at the Montauk Marine Basin. It was 74 lbs or so. That was back in the early eighties. I think there is a new record now though.
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    Do you know pf that guy that owns the motel that surfers like in Amagansett? He used to fish for stripers sitting in an inner tube a couple of years back, he could get out much farther than the waders could. He stopped when a huge triangular fin cruised by just in front of him...

    Thanks for the info! Will get the modem.
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