wireless broadband?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by todd960, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. todd960


    Anyone trade using wireless broadband. I plan on moving to a complex that only uses this type of high speed internet. Any lag time or chance of lost packets? TIA
  2. I have had no problems. Just for fun I have carried the laptop out to the pool and placed a trade, just to say I did. I have also watched the market all day by the pool using the laptop and QCharts. I had no problems then either.
  3. Banjo


    Inandlong, is your wireless in your home or in a large complex where the connection serves many units?
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    Thanks inandlong. Curious to know your answer to banjo's question.
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    I've heard of many disconnects during the day from people who use wireless. The problem exists with everyone that I know. I would do more research on this.
  6. Hubert


    i use the logatech one with a wirless mouse 2 mx 700

    love them both
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    i just skimmed the post i thught you guys were talking about
    wirless keyboard

  8. Sorry for the delay guys. This is in my home and at my office. I haven't used one in a situation you are describing.
  9. The building that I live in (Chicago) has over 200 units and is broadband serviced. I can't count more than twice over the last 1-1/2 years that I have had major trouble with it. I use a wireless (Linksys, router & print servers) setup. I also run multiple laptops, especially when the gamers drop by, as well as my servers thru my Novell network and have had little or no troubles. :)
  10. Thought I read somewhere that wireless was much less secure ... that some tech savy geek could just sit nearby and intercept your signal. Or your neighbors in the same building ...

    Not a pleasant thought when one is trading their account.
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