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    I like the idea of being able to trade while travelling, but this won't be entirely feasible until reliable, affordable, global wireless broadband becomes available.

    I have no idea of the state of wireless broadband technology, but DAMN it seems to be taking a while to come to market.

    I'm hoping someone here has a better grasp on the market's progress in this area.

    I am a single guy wanting to travel, and I swing trade as opposed to day trade; so I only ever use a single monitor, and I could trade from a laptop from anywhere on earth. But this won't be a reasonable option without fast wireless access.

  2. If you're refering to the 802.11b/a wireless technology with enough widespread usage to that one could "hop" onto someone else's network and get access to the internet, I have briefly scanned some literature on such a topic but the conclusion is that though possible, its not likely going to happen for many reasons.

    If you're swing trading, couldn't you get away with a modem connection since I would think one wouldn't need lightening fast execution. If that is the case, there is the possibility of hooking your laptop to your cell phone and connecting to which ever the local ISP is and putting your orders in.

    This doesn't take into consideration availability, quality of service and your location in the world.

    Trading globally with a global wireless connection? Possible. Any time soon? I much doubt it.
  3. cellular waves, radio waves, satelite, microwaves, power stations, atom bombs.

    we might as well just shoot ourselves in the head and get it over with.

    at the rate technology is advancing, the population problem will become a 'save the humans from extinction' problem.

    have you ever heard of brain cancer from cell phones? paralysis from pagers?

    probably the only place in the world free of these waves is the poles and the top of mount everest.

    I think access to broadband in most of the world should be first priority. Then it would be pretty unnecessary for wireless broadband. Unless of course, you plan on living in your car.
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    Buy a satelite phone, get an ISP with an 1-800 number and you'll be able to place those swing trades with your laptop from anywhere on earth.
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    In california there is some 802.11b coverage in La and SF regions.
    However most of the businesses that said they would implement have not .... Starbucks are still not wired. Only a few airports offer the service. In many places a third party requires a fee to use the networks.

    They are great however as an alternative to wiring. Our offices are wired with 802.11b and some 802.11a.

    I can roam around outside and work, sitting under a tree while still connected.

    I haven't tried the broadband cellular services yet: sprint just turned their network on the other day ..... For office campuses I like 802.11b - 11 Mb/s is just fine for me ....
  6. Just a little expensive ...
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    The CDMA carriers in the U.S. (Verizon and Sprint) have launched their 1xRTT service recently. They call it 3G, but its really 2.5G, as the speeds are still sub 1 Mbps. For a cellular network, its the best you can do in the States at the current time. 1x will (in theory) support speeds up to 144 kbps. I've tested a demo of the VZ system and on a dedicated network it was getting just over 100 kbps. In the real world, 40-60 kbps are more realistic. However, it smokes the previous 14.4 max cellular speeds. Still not true broadband, but I've traded from a 56k modem before I got my cable, so it can be done. The only thing I'm not sure about is how the connection reliability will be. How often will I get disconnected (the way you get a dropped voice call), and how quick is the reconnect? Obviously there are some reliability issues to deal with.

    Verizon's service is only available in select cities right now (I haven't seen Sprint's coverage areas yet). The advantage of VZ is that they offer an unlimited plan for $99/month, whereas the Sprint plans I've seen are limited to a couple megabits of data per month...worthless for trading all day. I'm sure pricing will come down after the newness wears off.

    True 3G has been delayed because of the recent turmoil in the telcom industry. Carriers have scaled back capex due to low demand and over capacity. So until people show a real desire to have wireless broadband, it will be slow in coming. The key will be how well these mid-generation services take hold.
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    You need to get a grip man and study some Physics. All that stuff is bogus. Further, when you go up in an airplane (or go on mount Everest which amounts to the same thing) you get blasted with many times the normal radiation that you would when you are at "ground" level.

    Really, eat well, exercise, drink lots of fluid, have good genes, and stay away from high rises when trading and you may live a long healthy life...

  9. I have to assume you have never lost $700 due to your ISP connection failing on you. First you need to lose some money trading thru no fault of your own and then after you do, if you are willing to trust your money to this wireless techn-crap, then it might be worth looking into.
  10. You forgot sunspots, solar flares, asteroids and migrating birds. BUT, I don't agree with your conclusion.

    I'm still waiting for effective, portable Internet radio broadcasts.
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