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    Which one is the best to go with for daytrading? The ones I know of are Verizon, Sprint, and ATT. What's your experience?
  2. I trade on the road all the time and I've had them all. Sprint has been the best will the most coverage and stability.
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    Thanks for the input. I am leaning toward Sprint but am considering Verizon al well. Haven't heard much about ATT other than their plan is unlimited data with the same price.
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    Been using Verizon for the last 2 years. Very solid connection. However, I found that by attaching the Wilson Trucker's Antennae to my Sierra air card the reception became many times better. Well worth it.

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    Could someone shed some light on the security issues related to trading from a wireless mobile unit?
  6. My first carrier was ATT. Fast if you can find their high speed access. Largest 3g networks? Total BS.

    Verison was OK but "Unlimited Data" was actually capped if you read the TOS. Long term connections are eventually terminated and so are those who do large downloads on a regular basis. They'll time you out and make you wait 1 - 4 hours to reconnect.

    Sprint is true unlimited. I've stayed connected for days. I've found EVDO in some very remote locations. Even when I couldn't the 1x connection was OK with low latency. In areas with no Sprint EVDO I end up roaming on someone elses high speed for no additional charge. Sprint is also very willing to make deals in terms of service and equipment cost. I pay $6 for my connection and ended up with a Mogul phone for free plus no tethering fee. Just call Sprint directly and tell them about the "great deal" you were offered at the kiosk at your mall and they'll match it and maybe beat it. Tell them whatever you want really.

  7. I was told that it is more secure but I still use a firewall/antivirus app on my PDA. There's lots of them available but run away from anything symantec. When I tether to my laptop I disable the PDAs firewall and let the laptop firewall take over.
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    I've been using VZ for over a year. I get a stable connection all the time even in the car. There were some areas that I've traveled to that didn't give me much bandwidth but I'm always connected. I've used this for trading primarily.
  9. http://www.millenicom.com/

    One of my relatives uses the service in the Seattle area. Sprint reseller with unlimited service and no contract.
  10. I've used Sprint and a Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U for nearly a year when traveling. I also use the Sprint Network as a backup connection from my home desktop. As for connection speeds on Sprint's Network, I never have a problem. Except for a brief period in upstate New York and another near the Indiana - Ohio boarder, I maintained a connection while traveling between Chicago and New York City riding on Amtrak. Some of the newer model phones now have the ability to use the phone itself as a modem. I have a Samsung Instinct with Sprint's "Simply Everything" plan (in addition to the Wirelss Data Plan). According to Sprint, the Instinct isn't supposed to support PAM (Phone as Modem), but it does.

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