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  1. Hi folks,

    I have an AT&T Plug and Share 802.11g wireless router that I use on the middle floor of my house. Here is the link to it:

    I have the corresponding AT&T Wireless adapter for that router which I bought with it as a package. Here is a link to that:

    My questions are:

    1. Even if the router and the laptop are next to each other with 100% signal strength and quality, it never gets beyond 14 Mbps when transferring very large files from my network. There are very few settings on the router and adapter software, so it is not a function of enabling it. Sounds like an advertising gimmick to me. Is the 108Mbps an ideal transfer rate with uncompressed data?

    2. If I take the laptop to the top floor of my house, there is absolutely no signal picked up from my own router yet I can pick up a secured Netgear router from a house down the road. The router is placed in a central location in the den and the laptop is never more than 100 ft from it but one level up (distance is how far you have to walk to get from router to laptop). Doesn't it seem like I should still get a signal given that this is an 802.11g product?

    3. I'm thinking of moving that AT&T router to my office where it is close and getting a different router or access point (whichever works best) for the rest of the house. Can you recommend a good wireless router? I have read many reviews of various routers but I think fellow traders are more sensitive to what my needs are. The new router/access point would be accessed by an Inspiron 9300 with built-in adapter.

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    Hello FT71,

    I also have a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a built in wireless adaptor. My house has a basement and 2 levels. I am able to use my laptop in any room in the house with no problems.

    I am currrently using a Linksys WRT54GS router. Here is a link:


    Currently this wireless router is transferring at 11 Mbps and the signal quality is excellent.

    If I ever need to transfer files through the network I just enable the non-wireless network connection and hook up the ethernet cable.

    Are you using a T1 line, DSL, or cable connection?

    Hope this helps..
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    You might have the router set to mixed mode, make sure it is set to only the 'g' standard. The 108bps is probably not a sustained speed, but a burst mode. In regards to the above recommendation, I also have this router, so far I have been getting speeds between 48mbs to 54mbs.

  4. You guys are fast. :)

    I appreciate the replies. I am running DSL through the router. The wireless connection is not for trading. I would just like to be able to access CQG data and the internet while roaming instead of being confined in my office for work. The transfer speed issue is not a problem, but I'm questioning the quality of that router upstairs. I will look into the Linksys.

    What do you guys think of access points or range extenders?
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  6. I went ahead and got the Linksys router. I'm going to dump the AT&T router. It has always been weak as far as quality and support.

    Funny thing is that one of the neighbors has that same Linksys router I just bought at his home and I can see it when I do a wireless network scan from my laptop. This is the only router in the area that is unsecured so it provides me with access when I'm on the top floor of the house. I can't think of a better endorsement than getting a good quality signal from this router from a house approximately 400 ft away. :D

    In all fairness, I have talked to him several times about securing his router and he just rolls his eyes. :)

    The signal boosters and range extenders are more expensive than a new router for $50 at Staples.com. It makes sense to just get the router.

    Thanks guys.
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    A word of warning, make sure to setup your new router to a different channel then the default, chances are that your neighbor used the default setting and this might cause synchronization problems for you in the future. I have 3 other networks in my neighborhood and couldn't understand why my connection didnt want to lockon or kept disconnecting, then I changed channels and had no more problems.

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    I think you'll be happy with the Linksys router. I know I am.

    I'm attaching the User guide so that you can get a jump on how to set it up.
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    I see my user guide file didn't attach since its over 2MB. If you need it I can e-mail it too anyone that wants it.
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    I see my user guide file didn't attach. Let me try it again.
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