Wired or wireless router?

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  1. I'm setting up a basic network at home (basic meaning just hooking up a 2nd pc to share my cable modem feed). I plan on having one pc dedicated just for trading, the other for surfing, etc.

    Is a wired router more reliable than a wireless one? It seems that most of them are wireless these days, but I don't really need it to be wireless. Is there an increase in latency or disconnects with a wireless router vs. wired? Any brands you would recommend? Thanks in advance!
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    Go with wired for trading. There is a noticable performance difference with wireless. It can be the difference between a fill and a missed fill.

  3. If you don't need a wireless router, then I would definitely not use one. The wireless router requires an extra level of connectivity (the wireless protocol - which adds delay) and is susceptible to interference. You can't beat the speed and reliability of a physically connected interface.


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  5. wired hands down. ihave a cable modem in my office and downstairs i run dsl. i hooked up the new srx linkysys long range router on my dsl downstairs to hook up a second computer in my office. it was jsut awful. i was so frustratyed i pulled my hair out. got a wired router last weeka nd the second computer is humming
  6. to point out something that seems to be missed - most wireless routers are also a wired router. They usually have at least 4 10/100 ports. If you use that its the same as connecting to a wired router. The overhead for wireless is only if you use it. And, for security, you can turn off the wireless component of the router (turn it back on only if needed, like if a friend comes over with a laptop or something).
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  8. Thanks for all the great responses. Is there any difference at all between using a wired router vs. using a wireless router (but wired)? I don't plan on ever running my trading pc wireless, but it would be convenient to have in case I want to connect a laptop to it at some point (when I'm not trading). If there's absolutely no difference, I'd go with the wireless and just wire it, but speed and reliability are my #1 concern, not convenience.

    Anyone else like the D-Link? The reviews I've seen look pretty good. Thanks again!
  9. There is no difference between using the wired portion of a wireless router vs a wired-only router. The wireless router just has features relating to the wireless connectivity, everything else tends be exactly the same meaning the wired functionality will be identical and just as reliable. As Jerry pointed out this is probably your best bet.

    D-Link and Linksys products have all worked fine for me in the past and now-a-days there tends to be tons of different models depending on your needs and how much you willing to pay for the latest and greatest features (esp with regard to wireless)

    In terms of reliability your best bet is to check out their support forums and see what users are saying.
  10. as for that D-Link router, I do not have it, but read up on it. Looks really good. If I was buying a router right now, I would probably spend a bit extra and get that one.
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