Wire transfer out of TradeStation

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  1. The liquidation was caused by the difference of intra-day and overnight margin. You question is irrelevant.
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  2. Overnight


    The question was, how much money did you have in your account, in cash, before you opened the position, and what was your position? Far as can be told, it was two MES contracts.

    "Assume I have $3K in my future account..."

    No, we don't do that here. How much "did you actually have" in your account at the time?
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  3. Fonz


    Your request was denied? Just go online to Client Center, and then transfer cash, and then you select the method.
    What should be available is your cash minus predictable fees for the month (platform, subscriptions, data, etc.). You will also see if your transactions are clear, with no margin still impacting your account.
    I never had any problem with Tradestation transferring money in or out. Also, I use 3 different brokers: IB and Tradestation are 2 of them. Cash management and platform are definitely much easier with Tradestation. On the other hand, I really like the portfolio margin account and the low fees for margin, with IB.
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    It is clear that he did not enough to cover the overnight margin balance, so he got liquidated. If he doesn't wish to divulge his balance, I don't blame him.

    Do you wish to reveal your balances?
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    What I am trying to get at here is TS's policy seems a bit awry based on the info provided. Initial margin on MES at TS is $693 per contract. So that's $1386 required for an overnight hold.

    Even if the MES moved against him 100 points in a day, that should not be enough to cause an auto-liquidation, for that is $2,386 total capital required. Assuming he had 3K in his account, why would they liquidate?

    So I don't blame him for wanting to leave TS. And now that they are giving him ageda for closing the account is even more troubling.
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    Yes, I see your point. I was thinking of ES...
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  7. TS declined my 5th transfer request without giving any reasons, email support refused to help, chat support has been offline for at least 4 days, this is amazing.
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    Hmm, not good to hear. Call them up on the telephone.

    Plenty of complaints here,so you are not alone:
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  9. TS sent me an email to explain why my transfer request was denied. They need to make a phone call to verify my identity. Fair enough I guess.

    I'm not surprised to see those reviews, I wish I had read the page before I decided to open an account with them.
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