wire and cables snake of mess

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  1. resetting up and the multiple computers, screens, monitors, and router all come with multiple cables, which makes the office look awful. are there better ideas than twisty tie type solutions?
  2. There's a corrugated style plastic wire cover that comes in various diameters and you can cut it to length.
    Tidy's it up quite a bit.
    Try Ebay.
    See if you can find it in your sweetie's fave colours!
  3. I love shrink wrap :D
  4. Speaking of shrink wrap, I've seen heat shrinkable tubing come in sizes large enough to take care of a bundle of AC and Monitor cables.
    My office is still in a state of flux, so I know what you're goin thru.
    Plus my wife has this "I HATE WIRES" thang goin on. But it's MY office! (so I like to delude myself that I"m in charge...:p)
  5. The above ideas are all good ones.

    DO NOT use tape or duct tape though, unless you never plan on moving the stuff again, ever, because that shit will make the wires all sticky when you peel it off.
  6. dcvtss


    get a roll of uncut velcro ties like this


    it will last you a long time since you can reuse the ties. It's also easy to rearrange / add cables to bundles with these since they are so easy to undo.