"Wiped Out" by Anonymous Author

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Slim Harpo, May 31, 2005.

  1. I'm looking to purchase "Wiped Out" by Anonymous Author...does anyone here have a copy they would like to sell at a reasonable price?
  2. Why don't you keep on reading ET. It's full with guys like that.
  3. lol..and save $150 as well :cool:
  4. $150 for a 125-page book by someone who doesn't know how to trade the markets? What am I missing here? :confused:

    Actually, I'm saving my money to buy a $475 pamphlet on how to fail miserably with women. After that, it will be a toss up between either the 5-minute $895 video on how to stimulate premature baldness, or the $1,095 one-step mentored program, "The Secrets of Obesity" (ladle not included).
  5. yenzen


    Not a bad business idea. Start a publishing house filled with books by losers, about losers and about how to become losers. After all, we are a society that is intrigued with failure in every form.

    Besides, all the self-help, u can win it all, u are the best is so trite these days. Mix it up a little, cater to the ever growing cynical and paranoid demographic.

    Senor Zen
  6. chisel


    I have a first edition w/ no dj that I'll sell for $100.


    Thunder, you made me laugh again! Good man! :D :D
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