WinXP+SP3 Fresh Install... Problem for all (?)

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, May 16, 2008.

  1. There appears to be a problem for a fresh install, and it involves AntiVirus software.

    Apparently, the Windows Installer as applied directly from SP3 has a problem.

    After AV software is installed, Windows Updates won't install... they download, but won't install. No error message.

    Solution... When you are first offered the chance to install SP3, DON'T. Instead, chose "other updates". That way you will get the "Windows Installer 3.1" installed first, followed by a reboot. Then all is OK. You can proceed with SP3 and other updates.

    This does not affect those who add SP3 from an already updated SP2.. you did the "Win Installer 3.1 + reboot" long ago, and you're still good.
  2. Hi Gnome:

    I just did a clean and fresh XPpro install on a Dell laptop. No issues as you've experienced. Although, your theory may still be valid. My XP disk INCLUDES SP2. No issues after installing SP3, using Eset v3.x AV.

    Here's one that's FACT...
    Office 2007 SP1 breaks Outlook2007 to the point it will only operate in double safe mode... Windows safe mode + Outlook safe mode. BTW: Office 2007 SP1 has no uninstall feature... must uninstall Office 2007 and start clean and fresh.

    Good luck
  3. Have you all done updates after installing the AV? I had the same problem with AVG and Avast... took me all day and night to troubleshoot... most because of multiple reinstalls of WinXP.

    In any event.. if someone is having the problem, this procedures fixes it.
  4. I installed the SP3 upgrade (on top of SP2) last Friday, with the only issue being it crapped out saying "a device connected to the system is not functioning". After disconnecting all the USB connections and re-running it installed fine, but completely hosed Flash Player on Internet Explorer, so I backed it out (it seems Flash problems are common on IE but none of the troubleshooting tips on Adobe's or Microsoft's sites work).

    Turns out this was a blessing in disguise since I finally tried out Firefox and feel as if I've been given a death sentence pardon. A refreshing improvement over IE. I'll likely re-install SP3 at the end of the day and try to never open IE again...
  5. kinar


    [semi-serious]Just dont run Security Software on your machine[/semi-serious]

    problem solved