WinXP Pro X64 Evaluation Copy

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  1. I'll say it like this...

    To those of you who obtained the free Evaluation Copy (120 days) from the good people at Microsoft, if you bought a license near the end of your 120 day free trial but choose not to invest the time requisite to uninstall and reinstall the whole OS, you can use an application called TweakNT Timebomb Killer to disable the 120 day limitation. Just google TweakNT Timebomb Killer and you'll find it.

    "I know somebody" who got it from here --->>

    It comes in a RAR compressed file format. You can get a nice (free) RAR utility from

  2. Update: It seemed to work for a day; now I get the timebomb message again. Seems this does not work. Anyone who tries it and gets it to work, please let us know.
  3. Just call Jerry Seinfeld, he and Bill will drop by and fix it for you.