Winter Olympics Schedule

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Feb 9, 2006.

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  2. Break out the cowbells' , the alpine skiings the go. :D
    Curling, not so much........
  3. fired up for hockey.
  4. Ricter


    I'd rather go. All you ever see on TV it seems like is goddamm figure skating.
  5. True, but its the equivalent of gymnastics in terms of viewer appeal.
    Most networks buy up the rights to really unpopular stuff, because its really damn cheap and you end up with what amount to highlights packages of the good stuff.

    You know, "we interrupt our non stop live coverage of the biathlon to cross to a replay of gunter gruntmayer's spectacular world record downhill run........"
    Geez i hate that.
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    Can't wait! I'll end up recording hours upon hours and be watching it for wks afterward.

    I wonder is Sarah Hughes is competing again this year. What a charmer she was!

    Curling is a bizarre sport, second only to synchronized swimming.

  7. Hcour, do i detect a hint of sarcasm there?
    You are either a huge winter olympics buff, or your kinda takin the piss there.
    Gunter Gruntmayer would not be impressed- and he's HUUUUUGE............

    ICE HOCKEY picks anyone??
    Were all those guys on strike back when getting ready for this, (as if) or were they just gathering dust?
  8. hcour

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    No sarcasm, I love the Olympics. And I have a crush on Hughes.

    But curling, sheesh...

  9. Ok, I will l have to look up this sarah hughes character, see what your on about, i really cant handle people diss'in the winter olympics.

    For what its worth, curling is much better than figure skating (see rhythmic gymnastics, summer version) and lawn bowls/bocce/ten pin other sports where less physically able'd persons roll an object toward another, further away, to score points.
    While i know damn well, there is a heck of a lot of skill involved, well, they just arent getting airborne, are they??Nor are they going fast, risking injury.

    I hate to admit, i have found myself entirely engrossed in a gold medal curling battle in previous coverages, but that was only because the lousy bastards weren't showing the good gear, the short track qualifiers, the ski jump prelims, the bloody freestyle warmup session would have been better, did they show that?
    Heck no they didn't.

    Figure skating, what a crock of shit.
    Unless they look like nancy kerrigan, and skate ok, they don't have a hope-it might as well be a miss universe pageant.
    Not that theres anything wrong with that, but its supposed to be a sport.
    Then again, it is damn funny when they take a tumble............
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    Yeah, figure skating may be more dance than sport, I'm not sure, I still like it.

    If you'll give Sarah a shot, I'll try some to watch to some curling.

    (Ok, I won't really.) :p

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