Winning with Trump, The Trump Way, My Way

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Anyone see last year where Cramer was pumping this thing?

    I have watched all those commercials with Trump on them where he goes "the Trump Way, My way". Now Im seeing the stock burning in like a 2000 tech stock.

    In wonder if it will make a good one day bounce trade? What do you think?
  2. Wait until his book/video is in the dollar-bin before buying it.
  3. what is the ticker?
  4. LOL.

    Over 2000 posts, and still no clue.

    TRMP junior.
  5. lol you could just answered the question without the other crap

    yea that stock sucks but it used to trade at $2 back on the otc
  6. Yeah, I did it last week when it went down to 11.88, then bounced up quick on rumors. I held it one more day and luckily got out.

    Yes, I thought about buying it this morning at $10 but held off.

    I'm a buyer in mid 9's perhaps.
  7. This thing is starting to look like the Blackstone IPO.

    I think it has a good chance of bouncing over 11 tommorrow, but I feel the end result will probably be between 8.5-9.
  8. So it's either going over 11 or under 9???

    Which is it?
  9. Both. There is a large trading channel over the last 4 years and once it broke out of the large channel then the textbook target price becomes....


    That I believe will be the ultimate price, however, there will probably be a rally tommorrow to somewhere over 11 in a bout of short covering and value buyers.. I believe that rally will be sold however and only temporary, then we go lower to 8.5. It will probably take a month to get to 8.5, but Im certain it will get there.

  10. Its moving up today. I went long a small position with an avg basis of 10.25.

    I only believe in Trump very short term, but I bet we see lower prices in the times to come. I'll exit out right at 11.
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