Winning with FXP!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jreynolds212, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. I have discovereed a little known ETF called FXP. This appears to be consolidating and about to break out upwards to over 100 soon. Notice how its about to pivot over the 20 day average. Its time to win with FXP!!!
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  2. I like FXP too. I've been building a position with an average cost of 73.65.

    I've ridden a couple of waves with it. I'm ready for the next. :D
  3. and back to the top with FXP!!!
  4. Flip out at $108 and take FXI soon for the sucker ride up!
  5. 108 could be good. I'm looking to exit at about 104 though. I've been putting my limits on trades just out of reach lately. Gotta be less greedy.
  6. Well I'll be damned. I had my limit set at 104 and it gapped open at over 108. I like those days. Looking to grab 40% of position at 85 and then 80% of position at 79.