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  1. my assumption is that as a group they are better than

    my question is

    what percent of people in your firm
    or if you would hazard a guess
    in prop firms in general
    have not had a losing week
    so far in 2008 ?

    are there some star traders that
    have not had a losing week ( or month )

    in years ?
  2. come on now ... this cannot be so hard

    surely there are some discretionary traders who
    have total "self control" and an edge or great risk managers watching them at their prop firms
    reminding them to keep their P+L green

  3. mrmoose


    i have two down weeks so far this year each of which are less than 50% of my best week
  4. jhithers


    No losing weeks thus far in 2008. Three in 2007.

    edit - I don't trade at a prop firm.
  5. SethArb - I think there are a good number of prop guys that have not had any losing weeks this year. A good system should be rockin it this year with perfect volatility levels. Losing days is one thing but a losing week is usually from mistakes or method/system failures.

    I have had no losing weeks this year and 2 weeks last year with losses (both were from my mistakes due to trading too many issues all at the same time, and left positions on without targets or stops overnight....oops!).
  6. tradethetrade

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    No losing week for me so far this year but I am having doubts that the reason I am so consistent is also the reason I am not bringing the income I desire so I am starting to forget the idea of being consistently profitable on a weekly basis in order to push myself harder. I achieved a state of almost making money everyday but what's the point if you aren't making what you are capable of because you want to be up everyday?

    How do you guys feel about that?