Winning Edge Strategies?

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    Mine is from a long while ago, but I took a trial of his trade signals. I found they were so so. It was a general 1 to 1.5 range for the buy and sell and you more or less made the decision as to whether you could hold out for a better price or go in at the first touch of one of the prices, which if you did could mean a stop out where the system would show a profitable trade if it stayed within the stop range of the best available price. He was still working on his thesis then, and I didn't persue any of the training that was offered as it didn't sound very organized back then, could be different now.
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    Winningedgesystems......took course a few years ago. Very good, but has subjectivity which takes time to learn. I personally saw him make calls on a live account. HE is very good at what he does. Doing it for oneself, will take time. Its figuring out when and when not to take trade. He is very nice. Once he teaches you in 1-2 days, if you want to ask questions, you can , but he will then tell you that you should take another one of his services which cost $$$$$. I believe he should make money, but if you are a new student, there needs to be a ramp up time for learning, which he will not give without a cost to you. I believe if he gave a bit more time to the student to learn and be successful from him he would have a great following. Unfortunately for me, I was not willing to keep shelling $$$ out for more information when I was not satisfied with my questions not being answered with some definitiveness.
  3. All the ambiguous and subjective best case scenerios go away with the swing trade signals.
  4. From what I remember those results are incorporating some sort of range, so do not depend on them.

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