Winning $20 M Won't Make You Happy

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ironchef, May 31, 2019.

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    He's a moron, with a last name of "Chopra", which means he is just like Deepak...

    He WISHES he had 20 million.

    Yes, Virginia, 20 million would make you happy as a clam. Don't listen to the poor fuckers who WISHED they had that money, and are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    Money=Happiness. Anyone who says otherwise does not owe.
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    YoU cAnT tAkE mOnEy To ThE gRaVe
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    And you cannot take anything else to the grave, either. Because yer dead. Want to get philo? Bring it to the spirit section of the forum.
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    I was mocking that sentiment, not yours.
  6. All empirical evidence perfectly contradicts your assertion. A large majority of those living in poverty display a lot more happiness and contentment than the majority of extremely wealthy. How do you explain that? The reason can't be that those in poverty just don't know better because that would imply that the extremely wealthy do know better yet still don't show contentment and display true happiness.

    I reckon that the reason is that most in poverty don't have the means nor time to focus on a whole lot of other pursuits than being with family and caring for those dear to their heart. Coincidently that is exactly what truly causes happiness.

  7. Of course you can take the experience and contentment that comes from caring for family and others in need to the grave. Equally do you take regrets in life to the grave. Uncountable witness accounts support the idea that the biggest regret of most wealthy before dying is that they wished they had cared more for loved ones and had embrazed money less and hence freed up more time for higher value pursuits in life.

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    I appreciate your candor and desire for a true discussion on issues like this. But I can tell you that those living in poverty simply put on the face of being content to mask the fact that they are so unhappy.

    Money buys happiness. Once you have money, you have the ability to challenge life, and realize how ugly it is. When you have no money, you are resigned to accept what life gives you, and accept it. Thus the smile. But they are all frowning on the inside.
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    YES! That is deep-state shit I wanna' talk about! But alas, I am still trying to make a living so I have free time to talk about it further.

    If only I could win a lottery jackpot. Hmm!
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