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Will Winn Dixie Survive

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  1. That was my point. Winn-Dixie did dominate here in the south for quite some time, but Super Wal-Marts are popping up left and right. Coupled with the fact that Wal-Mart is capable of opening a store in about 4 months or so, it really puts the pressure on an already strained business plan. (Assuming Winn-Dixie has one)
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  2. Winn Dixie's GM in my area told me he had to close stores because of WalMart. WD's prices are absurd, and they draw a really low class of shopper, and employee. And that just multiplies. I mean, if you go to the one in my neighborhood, bums hit you up in the parking lot. They aren't smart enought to shoo them away? One girl told me all her friends quit and went to publix, because they could. So anybody they get whose good scoots when they get a chance.

    I sure hope they make it, but it isn't very likely. They just do everything ass backwards.
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  3. lol...I already posted about how I hated my experience in a Winn Dixie but what you said above reminded me of the first time I went into a grocery store called Albertsons's ( I think I have the name correct) that was located off of Military Trail in the West Palm Beach area..

    I parked and had this fine girl with me and told her to stay put as I would be right out and she noticed a lot of burn outs roaming around the outside of the store and parking lot and said "Hell no, I'm coming with you!"
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  4. Brandonf

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    At the nearest Winn Dixie to me I could only find one employee who could/would speak english to me. It was the first and last time I went there.

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  5. I wrote them an email, and they called me. I asked, how in the 18 years I have lived here, and have gone to the same store, they could have such stupid management, and never change. They have responded, and hired better people, but my god, if they close, some of these people could never find a job. It's unbelieveable.

    Anyway, I hate to think it, but I don't give them a chance to make it, which was the original question.

    Another victory for the naked short sellers.

    You, of course, realize, that when shorts go to zero, no closing transaction is committed, no notice goes to the IRS, and there are no taxes paid. What a racket. And the agencies are protecting the firms.
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  6. welp, it was like that at the BigK for years. the franchise alone is a huge asset. someone will put it into play. some young vulture, perhaps. that doesn't mean the current equity structure will survive...but if there were ever a short squeeze....
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  7. SHLD is one time anomaly. Common sense says that it will once again be bankrupt but only after the hedgies make their billions.
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