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Will Winn Dixie Survive

  1. Absolutely

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  2. Probably

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  3. Not Sure

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  4. Probably Not

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  5. Absolutely Not

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  1. Does anyone believe Winn Dixie has a chance to come out of bankruptcy and be a winner? Some analyst have commented that they need to just shut the whole bloody thing down now and get it over with, since in 2-years, the analyst believe they will shut the rest of their stores!!!
  2. you can answer your own question....

    just walk into any Winn Dixie and look around...
  3. I don't....The Winn Dixie I have been in I couldn't wait to get the hell out..and neither could the employees.
  4. Tom R.

    When you kept posting the same thing over an over in the Trading Forum the other day, I blasted you for being a spammer due to what your were doing...especially when there was a thread titled about that company elsewhere on the forums...

    But since then, I have come to see you make good contributions on threads so I was mistaken that you were here strictly to spam us....

    So I apologize to you for my replies to your posting.

  5. lots of people wouldn't have wanted to be caught dead in a K Mart a few years ago. The company is loaded with assets. Liabilities can be negotiated with.
  6. SHLD and K-Mart was a one time scam. Winn-Dixie is dead as dead.
  7. well you might be right. on the other hand...
  8. SteveD


    Sure they can turn it around if: they reject the unprofitable leases, close and sell/rent owned stores.

    I do not know the situation but they do have a lot of value in the real estate. They may end up a chain of only 50% of previous size but be very profitable in that situation.

    Sears and Kmart controlled one hell of a lot of good real estate across the country!!!

  9. IMO it's a matter of pure economics for the consumer. Winn-Dixie simply can't compete with Wal-Mart. With the proliferation of the SuperCenter, it has put a huge squeeze on an already thin margin business. Add that with the WD stores are always dirty, their produce is horrible, their prices suck, their accounting system cant seen to ever charge the correct prices for items, and they are all run by high school kids. Winn-Dixie R.I.P.
  10. Winn-Dixie is not as cheap as Super Wal-Mart. Customer service is also far below Wal-Mart which should be a red flag right there. But I guess a market still exists as Super Wal-Marts are few and far between when compared to Winn-Dixie's dominance in the south.
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