Wing-tip shoes: What is your opinion on them?

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  1. I recently found this great looking pair of wing-tip shoes. I am very tempted to get them. I think it should go well with a pair of dress pants during workdays or a pair of jeans during casual Friday, but I am just wondering if it is appropriate for a job interview.


    From doing research on the internet, I have been getting mixed results:

    "Wingtip dress shoes add a level of elegance to a suit"

    "Wing-tip shoes are allowed but not encouraged"

    "Wingtips tend not to be very formal, so you don’t want to wear them with a tuxedo or anything overly dressy."

    Your opinion is appreciation.

  2. you want wings?

  3. I wear these with jeans or dress. I have no fashion sense though but they feel good on your feet and you can walk miles in these.

  4. newtoet


    Classic style, fine with a suit. No problem wearing to an interview either.
  5. I always appreciate a pair of Clarks. They are comfortable shoes that are great for the weekend.

    However, I like shoes with slimmer toes, which give it a more trendy look.
  6. ..... everyday is the weekend for me........:D tomorrow is my Friday. :cool:
  7. lol Does anyone really wear that?
  8. These are my actual rides..


  9. TraDaToR


    Nice with a suit. Too formal with jeans IMO.
  10. Lucrum


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