Wine - long/short?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by savage, May 15, 2002.

  1. savage


    Hey all!

    I thought I'd start a post(since we all are bargain hunters) about wine(because I really drink a lot of it after a day of trading). I'm curious to know what are your recommendations on wine under $15/bottle. I'll throw a few out there to get things started.

    J. Vidal Fleury Cotes Du Rhone....excellent ~$9
    Santa Carolina Blend Cab/Merot....drinkable ~$7/magnum
    Estancia Pinot Noir...very good...~$13
    George Du Bouef Beugulais Nuveau...~$8...goes with anything

    Would love to hear other recommendations.

  2. lescor


    Make your own. The kits are simple and it tastes at least as good as anything store bought. Less than $1.50/bottle
  3. Boones farm
    (recommend strawberry hill)
  4. How about MD 20/20?

    Several flavors available.

    Priced right, fits even the most frugal customer's budget.
  5. savage


    Strawberry Hill is classic!!!! I think I met my wife getting buzzed on Strawberry Hill...unfortunately, it doesn't have enough alcohol to get her to take her clothes off so I prefer a stronger drink!!!

  6. I am second place in my fraternity for md 40 chugg.. I can down one in under 14 seconds. Never drink the green flavor. Orange is the best I guess.
  7. savage


    Ooooooouuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhh! I would seriously need to be in the tank all ready to touch the stuff!!! More power to ya!!
  8. aura0663


    Thunderbird wine has always been a favorite in Detroit.............
    and for you connoisseurs, Fred Sanford's classic "Champipple"--
    1/2 champagne and 1/2 Ripple
  9. Huios


    My parents made their own wine when I was a kid. Rose, grape, apple, plum, strawberry, raspberry, etc, etc. The worst was dandelion. That stuff was so dry, it would make your teeth grow!!! Most of it is still in the cellar. We broke open a bottle of mixed berry (?) last X-Mas, and the stuff was thick like syrup, but still very good. Berry Dessert Wine, circa 1975.

    Must be 200 bottles still down there!
  10. mad dog and boones is great for stupid drunk nights with the boys!
    i don't know much about wines...but in the summer I always like to have a few bottles of Kendle jackson vintners reserve chardonay in the the store it's about $10-$15..good stuff
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