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    Does anybody use this dealer? They seem rather serious. I discovered them from this link here in ET in Forex Trading:

    Do they accept clients from the USA? late edit: I contacted them through their live chat on their website and they said that they accept clients from the USA.

    I notice that they have hedging...but it is daily on the micro acct. (I am not quite sure what is meant by daily. Maybe you cannot hold hedged positions past rollover).

    They have MT4 & MT5, Micro Accounts and 4 digits...

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    these guys have a 3 pip spread on eur/usd, maybe I became a total moron, but why would anyone prefer these over oanda (I know they don't have MT4 ... yet ... even then there are other alternatives for the time being ...) ... I don't even want to look into the marketing garbage further if I see that ...
  3. Windsor were pre Broco in Russia
    when Broco came on the scene Windsor was taken over by Broco and eventually
    Windsor Cyprus is either one or more of the original Windsor principals or the name
    choice is just a coincidence

    I think what you should do ES is learn or demo trade NinjaTrader v 7 trading systems
    then you wouldn't have the 'margin problem', at least for trading during the rth
    you'd have to stop the autotrading to avoid o/n margin increase by re-starting after
    the market opens again, but at least you'd get that elusive 500:1 leverage you're after
  4. I have given up on the idea...I trade MT4 with Oanda (its still in the beta stage).

    I posted this thread as I wanted to list another broker for the readers here...

    Everything that I do is not just for me... Wallace.

    This is the Forex Brokers Forum and I want as many Brokers listed here as possible.