WindowsonWallstreet- data feed quality??

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by janko, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. janko


    does anyone have any experience with WOW, as far as data fee quality. ive used wow and like it but i was using it on a regular modem which only worked at 24kbps, now i have a cable modem, i guess i just want to know if their quoets are right on the money with e-signal (as far as data feed) thnx guys. I used it on my 24k modem and it ran fine, sure it took a while to load up the charts but it looked like it ticked along just fine, so now it should really haul ass on a cable modem. i think.?!?!!
  2. p2


    I'm under the impression that Windows on Wallstreet is now a business unit of Tradestation (Omega Research).

    I've also been told that the Windows on Wallstreet data feed is the same as used by Tradestation Pro.

    I've had Tradestation Pro for three months and it is the worst data feed I've ever used. I'm currently in the process of switching back to eSignal.

    The biggest problem I have is with data lagging. It always lags at the open and recently it lags during the day. Usually anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. In general, I watch about 5 to 10 level 1 quotes with only two 1 minute charts open.
  3. Babak


    WoW was terrible!! I tried it out for a few days (they have a free trial) There was a tonne of quote errors (I wasn't even trying and I found 15 in 3 days!) Holidays are jumbled up in the chart printing a double price point identical to the day before the holiday (rather than skipping it) Intra day charts on the other hand do skip the holiday....but leave the space!! so you have the Grand Canyon in the middle of your charts...I e-mailed them about this and their reply was 'we are aware of the problem' however they are not working on a solution. I would recommend another data provider if you are a serious trader or want to be.