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  1. Currently running Microsoft Windows XP - worst ever. Any advice on a resource that can fix little problems with the OS? For example sometimes when I right click over the Start Button on the Desktop to open Windows Explorer, the Desktop crashes. This also happens sometimes when I try to do file management within certain folders using Windows Explorer. Norton software used to be a good quick fix a looooooooooooong time ago, but would not touch it today.

    Are people having better results on Apple, Linux, etc.?

  2. It sounds like you might have upgraded from a prior OS without doing a fresh install. Is this the case?
  3. Also, make sure to get all the updates available via Windows update. I had some explorer crashes a while back, but now I can have my computer up without a reboot or explorer crash for weeks (3 weeks right now)
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    i'm using xp for years without single problem. most stable windows i ever seen. maybe it's not XP, but your hardware,viruses,spyware. many things can cause os to crash.
  5. thx for the info, will review in more detail... PCs running OEM installed OS
  6. Last year I had similar problems with xp which caused me to look into other options. After trying linux (Fedora) I went back to xp.

    I wiped the harddrive clean and reinstalled. In addition I switched from Internet explorer to Firefox. I run a firewall and also an anti-virus. Its been three months now without a problem. If you still have grief after doing this, it may be a hardware problem.
  7. Usually troubles like yours are due to various corruptions in the OS. You may have no choice but to do a fresh install (no upgrade install, please). Pain in the neck, of course, but it will probably fix you up. If a reinstall doesn't help, look to hardware issues.

    Like most, I've found WinXP to be very reliable.
  8. Some of the PC's you buy now are loaded with junk. I've bought a couple of Dell's in the last year. They were loaded with all kinds of crap right out of the box.

    I did a clean install from the Windows CD (BTW: they charge $10 extra for the XP CD) and been running like a champ for months now.

    Good luck.
  9. Hi,

    If you wanted, you could have both Windows and Linux on your box. See This Post

    If you wanted to give Linux a whirl by just inserting a cd/dvd at startup (it will bypass booting to Windows and not affect your current setup in anyway) you can get a taste of Linux using a Knoppix "LiveCD". And once you shutdown, pull the cd or dvd out, it's back to normal Windows boot the next time.

    The "LiveCD" is good for getting a taste of Linux (not to mention it's good if for.. if Windows crashes and you need to recover your very important files) or for having your own OS to install if for instance you travel and use a variety of computers. OS on the go... ;-).

    Have any questions or would like help with configurations feel free to PM me. It's painless, really. :)