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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by yabz, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. yabz


    I upgraded to XP yesterday , and my advice to anyone thinking of doing so is: don't:mad:

    I had to buy a new modem because the old one was incompatible with XP, my PC works slower, there are no discernable advantages.

    Unless you want to do a lot of work with multimedia, the best operating system is probably Windows Me.
  2. Ebo


    Buy a new machine with XP and you will see that you are wrong.
  3. yabz


    I upgraded my hardware only a few month ago. Got a new motherboard, new hard disk, the lot. I pretty well have a new machine.
  4. If you didn't do a "fresh" install of XP (rather than an upgrade of Me), try that.

    Most of us would suggest against ever doing an OS "upgrade". And, if you took a poll I'd bet a dollar to a donut that Me would win the title of "Absolute WORST OS", hands down.
  5. Just to give you some background, I had an old Dell Dimension computer that had a Pentium 3 at 750 Mghz and 512 mb of RAM.

    I upgraded from Windows 98SE to Windows XP-Pro and had no problems whatsoever.
  6. pspr


    Yes, format the HD and do a full install. XP is a much better OS than Win ME but it does require a bit more RAM to operate properly.
    How many times we have to tell you before you get it..
    You DO NOT upgrade..
    What don't you understand?
  8. Windows Me - Malfunction Edition
  9. I have two 450 meghz computers with windows 98 os. Would someone tell me why I would need to upgrade?
  10. Most of us trader types find we need to upgrade when we run into problems with either (a) W98's poor handling of "resources" and multi-tasking, or (b) some trading related software we want to use requires it.

    If you *needed* to upgrade now, it would be obvious.
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