Windows XP Question

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NUTSNEAL, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. If I have activated Windows XP but then later do a format of my C drive and a complete new install of XP will I be able to activate it again. Do I use the same activation code or what????

    Help would be much appreciated.


  2. Yes. As long as its on the same computer and your hadware configuration hasn't dramatically changed, you can re-activate as many times as you want.
  3. Switch to linux. Find and use a trading platform that runs off linux. :D Err, that is if you REALLY want a performance system for trading/scalping :cool: Ok, I'll be flexible/"Open" - any non-Windoze platform is better/safer.
  4. Windows XP is just fine for trading.

    1. The performance advantages of linux are mixed (better on disk access and multitasking, poorer in other areas including multi-media). But overall not going to impact most trading users.

    2. XP supports a wide range of applications software not available for linux. A lot of trading apps are in that category.
  5. NUTSEAL....right....kiwi_trader has your best interests in heart....keep using would NEVER use your performance problems to trade against you ;-) OK....somebody has to tease and create a bit of commotion on this board ;-) I do wish the "smilies" list included a "winky" ;-) If you REALLY won't performance - go with linux.....if you are OK with acceptable performance and not really interested in lowest latency trading...Windoze is nearly acceptable :D