Windows XP Pro Genuine Verification

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  1. Looks like when I try to update my winxp pro It gives me an error saying that my version is not validated.

    Can someone please PM me a working cd-key or some type of fix to this problem? I can no longer update my version of windows xp pro.
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    I had the same problem. You try to update Windows XP and it sends you to their Windows Genuine Windows Validation tool. I tried to update mine, but no luck. I eventually had to go out and buy a working copy.

  4. The work around is easily attainable via Google.

    Go to Tools>Manage Add-Ons, and disable Windows Genuine Advantage.
    Clear IE's cache, reboot and go to the Windows Update site.

  5. You have mail!

    For those that are not aware, setting Window Updates to 'automatic' will get you the critcal updates automatically. The WGA just won't let you download them manually unless you do the work around.

    Hope this helps.

  6. javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all')

  7. That was the original work around, but I was under the impression M$ has since blocked that script from working. Have you used it as of late?

  8. I only use legitimate copies of Windows myself, but a friend of mine used it yesterday

  9. Good to know. Tell your 'friend' thanks!!!! :D

  10. You guys sound like the mooing of Bill's attached cash cows.

    Things will not get better in the future - can only get worse. Expect more of such screw-ups on top of the other misery. You're lucky that friendly Yahoo and Google sometimes help out. Shouldn't be that way I thought some time ago. I simply junked the whole crap and went to Linux. Boy, am I happy I did reading about your sorrowful predicament. You guys can't imagine what you are missing.
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