Windows XP on Mac,Its official now.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by forrest, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Wow I really wasn't expecting this! Pretty big news for us Mac traders

    Im wondering if anyone will bother to create dual monitor drivers once the Powermac G5 replacement comes out?
  2. if a mac runs an intc chip and now it runs windows why would anyone pay twice the money for a mac computer? seems like a mistake to me. it puts mac in the position of having to compete on price alone.
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    Well when the 1000$ range Ibook comes out and the 599 Mac Mini thats already available I find that argument pointless sure its no 399 dell laptop POS but for the price I think anyone can see the value in it now being able to run two operating systems,enjoy all the great features of Mac OSX but still be able to use windows when they HAVE to. I think this is going to be huge.
  4. we are talking about the unwashed masses here not tech geeks. they dont care about dual systems. most people never use a computer for more than surfing and email.
  5. With something like 5% market share AAPL can afford to appeal to the tech geeks and do quite well -- not that I agree with your statement. It's hard not to respect a company that made so many mis-steps over the years but still survived. If they had opened their hardware architecture back in the Scully days they would probably have a much larger piece of the OS pie today. Better late than never.
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    Hmmm, I would suspect that the drivers already support multiple monitors? Have you seen any info specifying that they do not? I would think that the video drivers for Windows are just slightly tweaked variants (if even that) of standardly available drivers for PCs. I sort of doubt that Apple custom wrote the entire ATI video driver for example.
  7. I am in almost total disagreement. I take my client base to task every time they think that they need to go down the Apple path. It is a fringe product with legs. Of that, I am happy. The signal that they have maxed their market penetration IS that they are now trying to run the Windows OS. Mac's are great little niche products. Long live their domains!

    I feel fortunate in having direct access to some decision making contacts in the software development arena. Quarterly, because of my client base, I get contacted by software developers asking for feedback about their products. They also ask where I think they need to be improving and expanding. I never direct them into any MAC expansion discussions. In this posture I know that I am not alone. And, I don't see any adjustment in that posturing anytime soon.

    Value of running two OS's one of which is a MAC? Not in the main stream business community. The porting expenses do not justify the needs at any level. Proper system architectures and redundancy make for the real value, not that multiple OS layout. :)
  8. Most of my tech geek associates would not be caught dead with an Apple. And the grouping that would, is definitely not enough to make the deal profitable in a major way. They, Apple, consistently operate from the "build it and they will come/use it" concept. Fortunately, they do have a dedicated following who will be there despite the bad corporate market identity/placement decisions. :)
  9. ya, terrible decisions job made, and because of his bad management da stock is up 1000%+ from da lows...sure they have to change everythin'; aapl lost its identy....just can't launch succesful'n'unique products and that's a pity, especially for investors.

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    Wow, so now we can have all the security vulnerabilities of windows on a Mac?
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