Windows XP may get another reprieve

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    March 25, 2008 10:01 AM PDT
    Windows XP may get another reprieve
    Posted by Ina Fried | 61 comments

    With deference to my colleague (and boss), not ALL roads lead to Vista.

    Although Microsoft is pushing hard to move everyone to the latest version of Windows, there are some market realities that are going to keep Windows XP around for some time--likely well beyond the current June deadline for large computer makers to stop selling the older operating system.
  2. I am OK if Mr. Softie renames Windows XP to Windows VP and re-sells it as the new and best system...

    and they also just quietly scrap the new little Windows Vista... bury her with a Scottish Bagpipe playing Taps in the background... and claim victory...
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    Vista is shit !

    If I wanted a Mac I would go and buy one.

    I use Microsoft because I like to have controls.

    Corporate stupidity at it's finest.