Windows XP & IE Browser screens

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by regough, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. regough


    When I link to a new window or click to a help screen, a new IE session will open but to a tiny mini window instead of full screen- is there a setting or a switch somewhere that will default when a new window opens it will be full screen or nearly full screen?

    TIA, Bob.
  2. regough


    Any hints on this-

  3. nkhoi


    click middle button at top right (the square icon) to max the windown size then click x button to close it, next time when it pop open it should be default to full size.
  4. Whamo


    You can also try going up to File, then Close after you Maximize the Explorer window.
  5. I currently have this problem as well, but it doesnt seem to go away. Next window keeps opening up about 1/4 size.
  6. BKuerbs


    What monitor setup do you use? I had the same problem using two monitors configured desktop style.

    When I changed my configuration (via graphic card driver) to monitor style, the problem disappeared.

    For an explanation of the two styles, click here and scroll down.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  7. I also have had this problem ever since I had broadband "Cable Connection" two years ago. But it goes away when I switch to MSN 8 Internet software. I use MSN for emails, just $1.95 a month. Nicer and better than my cable provider. Hope this helps.