Windows XP Clock Losing Time

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  1. I noticed about a week ago that my windows clock is losing time.

    I leave my PC running and it loses time so it is not the CMOS battery. I have tried syncing the time to both and but after syncing it quickly begins losing time.

    I can easily tell that time is being lost because of the lag between my minute bars on my chart and the clock. I am sure that my clock is off and my charting is correct and not lagging in case anyone was thinking that.

    Any suggestions would be great.

  3. Does your BIOS lose time as well?
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    Is there any chance that you made configuration changes? Long, long ago (in the PC-XT era), I noticed that my clock lost time when I wasn't running in turbo mode.

    My first thought was the CMOS battery. As you said, it's probably not that, but I would change it anyway because it's not that expensive. If that doesn't work, my may need a new motherboard.
  5. I'm not sure about the BIOS losing time.
  6. If you care enough to check, I will care enough to help. ;)
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Chronos seems to have fixed the issue but shouldn't I be worried that Windows can't keep time. I keep my trading machine in pristine condition. Don't know how this happened.
  8. I'm trading now and I beleive the only way I can check the BIOS time is by reset. What is I told you the BIOS time was right? :D
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