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  1. I'm considering upgrading (although some might consider it downgrading) to Vista. If anyone has had experience with this o/s please comment on it.

  2. Dell still recommend XP professional so what does that tell you about Vista
  3. ha ha...

    I know I'm scared to use it. They say that the max RAM on XP is 4 some say 3, and still some say 2. But what is the limit on Vista?
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    I've been using it for about a month now and haven't had any problems. The install was quick and painless, the only hardware drivers it didn't install automatically were for my HP printer and my ASUS on-board audio. It found the printer driver fast enough off the HP cd and I solved the audio problem w/some determined googling. It took 2 secs to setup my dual-monitors the way I wanted them.

    As for UAC, which has caused so much brouhaha, it takes about 4 clicks to disable it and forget about it forever.

    All my commercial and freeware programs seem to be working just fine, including MetaStock 7.2 Pro.

    Vista is blazing fast on my system, w/o a doubt faster than XP. Even my internet surfing is faster. I also love the look and the way the windows kind of fade in and out, it's so smooth. And the semi-transparent windows are just too cool for school. Eye candy? Yes, but I like eye candy. Sue me. Vista looks great.

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    Where does this keep coming from?

    From the Dell website: "Dell recommends Windows Vista Home Premium."

    Edit: On the Dell website, click where it says: "Still looking for Windows XP?" The "Product Feature Comparison Guide Between Windows Vista and Windows XP" on the Dell website blows XP away.
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    No problems with any of my applications running on Vista Ultimate x64. I've had it installed about 3 months now and it seems like a great upgrade over XP; albeit not a monumental one. The UAC is a real annoyance. However, I just turned it off as well. There also seems to be more hard drive thrashing in Vista, but by disabling superfetch and indexing it seems to have gone away.

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  7. I am not making it up isaw it today
  8. Does vista work well with IB TWS and Medved quote tracker?
  9. I have Vista in a new Dell and it seems to be working fine.

    I had no problem installing TWS or running it.

    And BTW the latest build of Trade Station is working well too.

  10. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.
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