Windows Vista?

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  1. What are we waiting for? Alot of people are saying they are waiting to upgrade to Vista. But what are we waiting for? Is there suppose to be a better processor coming out soon. What about this 64 bit stuff? Are we waiting for the 64 bit stuff? What is the 64 bit stuff anyways and when is it coming out? How long do we have to wait? Should we just buy now?
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    Why buy now? What is Vista going to do for me that XP won't that I am going to actually use? Having bells and whistles that I won't even make use of only serves to take up more memory and processing power needlessly.
  3. Vista is hack proof. There are no known viruses out for Vista. There are thousands out for XP.
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    1. Incompatibility Issues
    2. Slower Operating System
    3. Bugs

    Wait until at least Service Pack 1 and a new computer before thinking about upgrading.
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    Sounds like you already upgraded. Good Luck!
  6. The funniest quote on ET so far in 2007.
  7. He seems to be trying to talk everyone into Vista... like he gets a commission or something. I don't understand his motive.
  8. I used Vista last nite in a class at college .They were pushing a new class in learing Vista starting in a few weeks. I personally thought it sucked and complicated at first run anyway .Alot of unwanted garbage in it IMO . Most of the others there werent really impressed with it either . I'll stick with XP Pro for as long as I can .
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    a troll working for MS