windows vista ... yes or no

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  1. I am about to buy a new laptop next week.

    Should I accept preloaded windows vista or insist upon an XP disk as well.

  2. Some say Vista is OK, but lots of others cite problems.... maybe depends on the software you'll be running. XP Pro is still scheduled to be supported into 2016, so that's probably longer than you'll have your notebook.
  3. Oh no, please no!

    I had to erase VISTA from my new DELL and load WIN XP Pro because neither the TS or IB platforms worked properly. with VISTA.

    I spent hours with some TS support who basically could not help me.

    Looks like it will be a while until the various vendors for VISTA work out the glitches.


  4. lastcall


    Leaks data like a sieve and nothing is compatible with it including drivers

    Apart from that it's fine
  5. So nothing has changed.

    Will the Retailer supply me with a XP disk along with a new laptop
    or is XP been offered as a preload.

  6. It's variable. If you're offered the option to get the disk, of course do so... even if you have to pay $10 for it.
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    I got Vista ultimate on my new laptop a few weeks ago. The only things I've found are:

    * Firefox does NOT work on EliteTrader, but works on most sites (I've filed bugs on this)

    * Remote access requires ultimate or enterprise (the equivalent of XPPro as far as i can tell). Remote access client comes with "business" and one of the home releases.

    * Vista generally seems a bit sluggish, even on my dual core 2 system.

    All in all, it's pretty much a "pretty" XP with better security controls. If you factor out the prettier graphics, things and functionality is very close to XP.

    EDIT: Vista comes with Java 1.6, which does not work well with IB/TWS. Only affects some of us.
  8. Thanks gnome.
  9. Do you mean "memory leak"? What is "leaks data"?
  10. Got a rig about 3 months ago with Vista running 2 IB TWS's and a ButtonTrader (in order to separate execution from charting). With decent specs (4 gig ram, Core 2 Duo, GeForce 8600 GTS etc), it runs very smoothly without any problems at all. I'm especially impressed with heavy volume situations as well, as my Pentium D with XP had (still has with my Ensign charting + TWS) hickups time to time when heavy volume situations occurred (that might have more to do with a cheap matrox graphics card I got on eBay but who knows :D).

    PS At first there was some issue with Java but since the first update (currently 1.6.0_02-b06) it's running perfectly.
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