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  1. After upgrading from windows XP to windows vista my computer is much slower.
    My someone tail me what is build in it that slows down the performance of it?
    My PC:
    Processor 3.4GHz
    1000 Ram
  2. 2GB more if u can get it.
  3. You are kidding right? Do you know nothing about computers?
  4. I know some...
    But what you wan to tail me?
  5. No one should upgrade (or in many opinions, downgrade) to Vista unless they have specific reasons/needs to do so, know what they are doing to properly disable the cumbersome items in Vista, and have a new relatively powerful computer. You have none of those requirements. Stick with XP.
  6. vista has been working good for me, no, flawleesly for 4 months. 1.1 to 1.3 gigs of memory usage is a typical day in the market for me. i assume the remainder of my 2 gig memory rig, 700 MB, does nothing all day.
  7. You would be able to load that same machine a lot more if it ran on XP (or Linux). Vista does nothing more then XP, except forbid the user on his own machine (with DRM) and add colors, mirrors, bells and whistles that are unneeded by any application and drag the performance. That is the reason M$ will retract it within the year.
  8. people here have a very short memory when it comes to computers

    remember XP in the pre-sp1 days? It was the same thing than with vista today. Of course vista will run slower on your computer than XP, the same happened for those who migrated to from windows 98 (or 2000) to xp back in 2001. Before SP1, xp was a piece of shit with broken drivers, incompatible apps, etc.

    we are in 2008 now, a computer with 3gb ram and a dual or quad core cpu cost peanuts at best buy or dell or whatever.

    Also you need 2gb ram minimum to run vista, 1gb is definitly not enough.
  9. Keep dreaming. Just look at the sales figures of computers with that comes bundled with vista, youll realise that the mass consumer adoption of vista is well underway. especially now that it works much better with sp1.

    (im a xp user myself, not a vista fanboy)
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