Windows Vista and InteractiveBrokers

Discussion in 'Options' started by nikko309, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. nikko309


    I'm about to buy a new computer and I was wondering if any IB users are also on Vista.

    Everything going smoothly with the new operating system?

    Any other trading software interface complaints?

  2. moo


    Why choose Vista? Big risk for no benefit. At the very least, wait a year before beginning to use Vista.
  3. notouch


    What has this got to do with options trading?
  4. My workstation runs on XP (and I run two TWSs on it) and I don't plan on changing it in the near future. My laptop, however, came with Vista pre-installed and I keep it on my side during the day for web browsing, running a paper trading account to test strategies/have it display the watchlist on etc. While the sim account runs quite nicely I find that Vista itself is a bit unstable with driver conflicts (with other programs, not TWS) and whatnot and I wouldn't depend on my daytrading endeavor with it. Unless you're a volume trader I suppose it would be fine, but then again, I haven't even opened my live accounts on it yet.

    In short, given the choice, stick with XP.
  5. I am running IB TWS on Dell with Vista Home Premium. No a problem at all. TWS is programmed in Java, which is platform-independent.

    One word of caution: If you want TWS to load quickly, you have to remove Symantec Norton virus protection (which came with Dell), or TWS will take 10 minutes to load. You need to use Symantec's own software to remove Norton Antivirus -- can't just use Add/Remove program.

    Hope this helps.
  6. nikko309


    I I use my computer to trade with my broker IB.
    I use my broker to buy and sell options.

    Are you the new self appointed SYSOP?
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    moo and JSL Capital,

    Thanks for your opinions. Your suggestions make sense: "In short, given the choice, stick with XP"


    Thanks for that info. Between the new Norton and my upgrade to Int. Expl 7.0, it now takes me 15-20 minutes to get everything up and rolling in the AM or after a reboot - hence the reason for the new computer.

    I now return you all to your regularly scheduled "option" programming :)
  8. I have Vista and use IB with no problems. Some software requires a little work to get it to run smoothly with Vista. If you have some computer knowledge you will have little problems getting Vista to work. However, why spend time fooling around on your computer? Stay with XP for now and you can always load Vista later.