Windows update cause slowdown?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by eastside, May 4, 2003.

  1. I noticed a little sluggishness to my computer after installing one of those "automatic updates" from Windows. :mad: I use WinXP Home, and my computer is always like lightening.
    It was not the last update, but the one before, some sort of "security patch" update (as usual).
    One specific slowdown is when I open Explorer, I get the hour glass for like about 3 seconds now. It used to opened instantaneously. Other programs are similarly sluggish. I noticed this slowdown immediately after rebooting my machine after installing the updates. Was hoping it would be fixed in the next update, but it is not.

    Is it possible that a Windows update would cause this sluggishness, or should I look elsewhere ?? Thanks in advance.
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    There was a patch, Q811493, that caused performance problems on XP systems with Service Pack SP1 installed. It was in the news about a week ago. You can search for more info on it at They say that you can de-install it from Add / Remove Programs, if necessary.
  3. I had been experiencing the same problem. Thanks for posting the info. I took that patch out and everything is a lot faster again.
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    I also removed the patch and I think I am surfing faster.
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    Glad to be of assistance.
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    Also can effect win2000, I took it off mine after tws crashed.
  7. BINGO !!!
    That was it. Thanks a lot TMB. Meanwhile, I searched for and destroyed spyware, and defragged my hard drive looking for the problem. Oh well, that stuff can't hurt !!
    SP2 has the problem also, as that is what I am running. Guess I should check out the Microsoft site more frequently...
  8. I just updated my windows me platform

    because of a hacker alert !

    Microsoft Warns of Security Flaw in Windows Software
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    well done.