Windows TCP/IP problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by balda, Oct 19, 2005.

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    Windows XP pro doesn't pull IP

    High Speed DSL and Dial up modem (two separate hardware items) stopped working.

    go to Start, run, cmd, ipconfig. No information at all.

    Norton on a restart "unable to repair" "doesn't support this function" :confused:

    full virus scan cannot find anything

    but when I twik with reinstall/install configure either dial up or LAN it shows me some kind of Trojan activity and and stops all activities.

    Is it possible to have virus inside hardware? (please do not laugh)

    Do I need to reset Bios?

    If I remove batteries from the MB will it reset Bios?

    If I Reformat my hard drive will it clean it?

    Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks Mascal I will bookmark that site, looks good.
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  4. There's a chance you could have a currupt TCP/IP stack. all you'd need to do is uninstall it and reinstall it. Not much of a problem in XP, but I know it was in earlier versions of Windoze.

    - The New Guy
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    thank you for all replies.
  6. balda


    I have an integrated Ethernet with MB,
    installed new Network card and no problems.

    Thanks again for all your help.