Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mgookin, May 11, 2009.

  1. Does anyone run Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition?

    If so, how do you like it and do you think there's anything better out there?

    If you run other server software, what and why if you would please?

    I'm looking at setting up a server/ network for a company that has about a dozen inhouse machines and needs about 25 clients to connect remotely to input data to a database.

    Thanks in advance. Any opinions will be appreciated.
  2. Why do you plan to run Enterprise? It costs a lot more than standard, and unless you need the enterprise features....

    I have a datacenter system I run (though SPLA) as Hyper-V host and normally use the Standard image only. 25 users is ZERO load under most issues. Enterprise features? You need more than 32gb RAM? one machine doing a cluster (which I doubt you could set up anyway - it is not THAT simple, and the storage requirement costs lots of money).
  3. Many thanks for a timely reply. I'm going to install the Enterprise version because it's the top level and it's free for the first 240 days. Once I build what we need, beat it up and test it, get some guinea pigs through the hoops, etc., then I'll see if I can go with a slimmer version. I figure if I start with the biggest I won't have limitations I otherwise would have with a lesser version.

    The company is an insurance agency which also does payroll services, etc. Security is paramount with personal data. Access by clients across the country is right up at the top as well. The books are about $50MM/ year so the budget can handle the cost. I'm basically testing a Plan B before doing Plan A which was spend $100k for software, hardware and implementation.

    Glad to hear you're running Windows Server software.
  4. YOu are a pretty bad Plan B, sorry to say.

    "I figure if I start with the biggest I won't have limitations I otherwise would have with a lesser version."

    What about you go up on the MS website and read up on the differences? It is really all laid out there.

    Btwl, your information makes zero sense - it is inconsistent. First it is a small NEW company (not having a network) with a mere 25 people (which would mean SMALL BUSINESS, not even standard - you waste money left and right here), then they make 50 million USD revenue.

    And if you say "go wit hthe biggest" then you ignore that Enterprise is actually NOT the biggest to start with ;) That would be DataCenter, and there are really significant differences here (read: virtualization rights).

    on top, Enterprise is NOT free for 240 days. You can steal it for that time (ffor production use), but the trial license limits what you are allowed to do ;)

    Get what is approrpiate - either a Small BUsiness Server, or the next higher level (Business Essentials). The costs you save here are significant. Then from the savings ;) Hire someone who knows how to set that thing up. Not half-knowledge ;)
  5. We're not communicating effectively here. I spent lots of time on MS yesterday looking at the differences in the FREE 240 day trial versions.

    This is not a new company by any means. It just has junk for IT infrastructure and it's looking at changing its business plan which can't happen with the junk it has today. Choices are spend $100k or more, or build some stuff. I built databases before in a 120 person organization so this is nothing. As to revenue, just because the books are what they are does not mean that is profit, and its not. It's however many points on the books that is profit and that varies by year. The objective is to increase the points (profit). There is a budget but why spend it if not necessary. I have a couple weeks to play with it to see where it goes and I already have hardware. So for me to play with something for two weeks costs nothing. It's a hobby. Just can't see paying $50k up front for software and $20k/ year license fee on it especially when it would only fulfill one of about five objectives unless or until it's demonstrated as absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for the input/ feeback/ opinions.

    The question was regarding MS Windows Server 2008 and whether forum members think there's something better out there. I know we have some darned good IT folks on here and that's why I came here looking for opinions. If you have server software experience I would love to hear from you. Thanks again.