Windows OneCare Live - potential Norton Killer?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Hamlet, Jan 20, 2006.

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    Well is it too early to short symantec (Norton) or mcafee?
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    It wont replace SYMC. Its the equivalent of a bank's auditors working directly for the people they audit. Too much risk in having your OS and your AV made by the same folks.
  4. You pay for a product, the product has flaws, you pay again to update it, and then you pay again to protect yourself from the flaws..... hmmm ....

    If the entire world of products worked this way we would really be in trouble. ....

    My goal is to try to limit my costs and this model sure does not fit in with those plans .....
  5. windows live has big time potential. we'll see if microsoft can get this right.

    could see a repeat of 01 for msft sometime over the next couple years, maybe not a big increase as before though.
  6. Disagree - they essentially copied it from a product model that I created long before they decided it was a good idea. I have since sold the company. Another example of copy rather than innovate.
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    The entire world does work this way... people pay for upgrades, updates, extended warantees, insurance, etc all the time.
  8. $soft noticed that a few small startups were making some money on this idea and they recognized that this idea could possibly generate a way to develop a cross sell opportunity once they built up their customer base. Thus a threat to $soft means buy or copy the competitors to put them out of business.....

    This business will just reduce as $softs competitors (Free OS and Office suites) continue to garner customers.