Windows Mobile Futures Trading

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by carbtrader, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Is there a platform/broker that will allow trading on a Windows Mobile phone? I'd like to be able to place futures trades during the day but can't install the software trading platform on my desktop computer.

    Don't worry I'd only be placing the trades during my lunch break and checking the graphs every once in a while... so I'll still be somewhat productive :)
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    are you nuts?
  3. IB has decent PDA trading capability. I used it once, and it's decent enough for a PDA. but why would you want to?

  4. It's not that I want to trade that way... I just don't have many options since the computer I use at work belongs to my employer and thus I can't just install random things on it like a trading platform. Plus trading via a small device is more discrete.

    If I could afford to trade at home on my regular machine I would but unfortunately I'm in the bottom 95% that can't yet make a living off daytrading full-time :(
  5. use to access home computer from work. run IB or whatever on home computer. you'll see what you see at home, but with a browser.

    if you're dead set on PDA trading, verizon's unlimited bandwidth is the fastest network. motorola Q worked pretty well on that network from my limited experience.

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    you could try setting up a remote control terminal, software such as <> would do it. Ensure that you have set up encryption though! This would most likely be much easier that setting up and securing a PDA.

    You would still have to install a small client program at work, but the end result would be the same as sitting at your computer at home. The client program is very insignificant in comparison to installing a full trading platform.

    If you trade from a PDA ensure that encryption of some sort is set up, the reliability of the network is there, etc. The whole wireless transmission of data could pose some security risks if you are not careful.
  7. Thanks for the great advice guys!