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  1. Two questions:

    1) what is the diff between Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger?

    2) for about the past 2 months Windows Messenger has signed me out several times a day, yet shows me as "online". It's possible this problem started around the time I replaced my router with a new one.

    Any ideas? It's a drag signing in over and over. Thanks
  2. Windows Messenger is a LAN-based service that's used to display network alerts - might be used by a LAN admin to let everyone on the LAN know a server was coming down in a few minutes. Those flying naked on the Internet (no NAT router or other firewall) are susceptible to annoying popup ads that tap into Windows Messenger. Windows Messenger is a Windows service. MSN Messenger is a seperate application used for instant message exchange.

    Windows Messenger is signing you off?? - or did you mean MSN Messenger??

    There's no signon/signoff involved with Windows Messenger.

    MSN Messenger might be dropping you intermittently if your connection is intermittently dropping out - which could be caused by a faulty router or if your router has configuration parameters slightly incompatible with your internet connection or there's some problem with your DSL or cable modem or the quality of the line from your ISP is variable.
  3. Arch,

    Actually, it is Windows Messenger. I do sign in and out. This is different than the "other" windows messenger that is a windows service.

    XP comes preloaded with with Win Messenger and for all intents and purposes acts like MSN Mess. I found an article on the MS support site that says that Win is more tightly bound with Win Exchange, Outlook and Outlook Express, whatever that means.

    Anyway, my guess is it has to do with slightly incompatible router settings. I opened the router settings and was completely lost. I have no idea what most of the stuff even means. Do you know of any Dummies like book or perhaps a web site that gives the basics on router settings and what it all means?

    The other possiblity is I know (esignal support keeps informing me) I am experiencing connection time outs. Happens so fast I don't even notice it, but maybe that's causing problem. Come to think of it, the timeouts started around the same time as the messenger problem and the new router.

    I have the most current firmware and have the router setup per D-Links instructions. I also have UPnP installed as per D-Links instructions.

    Thanks for your input and any further ideas.
  4. MarkB


    The servers for Windows and MSN Messenger have been a little flakey lately, resulting in random login/disc problems for many people. One of the advantages of MSN Messenger is that it handles the re-login automatically.

    You shouldn't have to forward any ports in your router for standard messaging to work. Only for things like voice/video/file transfer.

    Windows Messenger (not to be mistaken with the messaging service, as mentioned above) is designed more for use in corporate settings. MSN Messenger is a little more "cute". Things like videoconferencing are MUCH easier. But of primary importance is that if you have a router which is UPnP compatible, and I'm not sure about your D-Link in that regard, MSN Messenger can take advantage of that to forward ports as needed automatically.

    I was reluctant to switch to MSN Messenger, but am very glad that I did. It's a much smoother package to work with. They stopped development on Windows Messenger awhile back, so later implementations of MSN Messenger are where the more recent improvements will be found.

    Do you use UPnP already? If you're not sure what I mean, just check your router's documentation to see if it supports UPnP. I'll walk you through activating it in XP if necessary. You'll prefer MSN Messenger over Windows Messenger, particularly if you can enable UPnP.

    You can also install this little addon:

    to give you even more functionality. If you do install Messenger Plus though, make sure to choose the custom installation, and tell it NO when it asks if it can install the sponsor software. You'll lose nothing but some advertisements :)

  5. MarkB


    Doh! I just read that you have UPnP on the router. Okay cool, but are you sure that it's activated in XP? There are 2 places where this must be done.

    Besides though, MSN Messenger is fully UPnP compatible. You won't find the same support in Windows Messenger.

    As far as Esignal is concerned, are there any particular ports which you're supposed to forward in order to use it?

    Also, it sounds quite possible that you're losing overall connectivity on a sporadic basis. Perhaps your ISP is the culprit and not your router.

    Can you take the router out of the equation temporarily in order to check this?

  6. Marks,

    Lots of great info, thank you very much. I'll try the things you suggest. I'm going to take a day and bypass the router to see what happens with messenger and esig. But I'm going ahead with MSN messenger based on your comments.

    The most surprising thing (to me) was when I replaced the router (becasue the old one was not NAT) the new D-Link worked with file downloads and voice right off the bat. No adjustments necessary.

    Makes me think the server issues you mention or an ISP type problem is more likely the culprit.
  7. MarkB


    Glad to be of help BundleMaker. Please post back on how it works out.

  8. Mark,

    I've been using MSN Messenger for a few days (with your suggested plugin). Seamless operation.

    Thanks again for the tips,

  9. MarkB


    Really glad that it's working for you. Thanks for the feedback!