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  1. I blew out my old operating system and just installed windows ME. Even when I shut my computer down correctly and then restart it, it will freeze up almost every time I do it. Sometimes I have to start and restart it three times before I can get it to open correctly.

    Is there something that I can do or software that I can add to my system that will alleviate this problem?

    Thanks for any replies.
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    Get rid of Win ME and switch to Win 2000. So much better...
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    windows me was the bottom of the barrel
  4. Thanks for the reply. When I blew out my windows 98, I couldn't reinstall it by my self. A professional computer guy installed ME because he said it wouldn't take Windows 2000 which I origionally asked for. Was he right or was he pulling something over on me.
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    Maybe he was right. System requirements for Win2K or XP are greater than for ME.

    Win2K is having its support phased out already, so you really should be using XP for trading related activities.
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    Remove computer cover and make sure all boards are fully inserted into their slots. this includes memory chips. next

    1)..go to start>settings>control panel> add remove programs and make a startup disk (floppy)
    2)..restart computer with floppy and get to a command prompt
    3).. type SCANDISK /SURFACE /AUTOFIX and press enter... then go have lunch
    4).. after lunch, remove floppy and reboot computer
    5).. dbl click my computer, right click the C: drive and choose properties (left click)
    6).. rerun scandisk with thorough option checked
    7).. defrag hard drive
    8). go online to several of the free online virus scanners and use them. i prefer

    this should get you going in the right direction
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    I had Win 2000 run on a PII clocking 350Mhz with 128M of ram. Sure, it would take its time, but it worked nonetheless. Check your unit specs and then go to the Microsoft site and check the minimum requirements for Win 2000.
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    The pc at Staples recently was trying to sell me on Panda but I hadn't heard of them. In your opinion, why would you recommend them over Norton?
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    Suggest you try AVG anti-virus. It's very popular and works well... free, too.
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