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  1. In reading this message board, I have decided to backup my entire drive using the windows backup function and my external 250 gb drive.

    I have also changed all my passwords to every account I have.

    Call me paranoid, but all the info here has me thinking and picturing myself in trouble when I least expect it.

    The Windows backup program is churning away as we speak, 2 more hours to go...

    I hope whoever is reading this follows in my footsteps...
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    Does this mean that Windows Backup now works with something other than floppies?
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    I don't have much success in using window backup function you might want to try restore function after that just to make sure it can.
  4. My windows backup works fine with my 250 gb drive. Im not sure if this is best backup program in town, but its all I have right now and it would probably be much better then nothing if you have an emergency.
  5. If you're going to back "everything" up then you'd be better using something that copies the entire disk so you can simply replace everything including Windows later if a problem occurs. Ghost type programs.
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    I recommend Acronis True Image if you are going to go that route - very easy to use.
  7. As GTS mentioned... Acronis True Image... and not for "backup"... not for "imaging"... but rather, CLONING.

    It takes me < 3 minutes to clone my working drive.
  8. Can acronis restore a complete hd image to a second hd that is formatted with no operating system?
  9. Yes, but cloning is much faster and much safer (reliable). I dislike imaging because it's slow and easily corrupted when imaged to optic media.... probably better if imaged to a HD.
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    I was going to ask why you clone instead of image - I do all my (backup) imaging to a network drive
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