Windows 8 is Trash

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  1. I own >15 computers. I'm not going to list all my credentials here, but I'm highly qualified in hardware & software.

    10 days I ago I ordered a Win 7 quad core "Ships Fast" laptop from Dell. It was supposed to arrive in 2 days for a new employee. It never came. Every 3 days they'd say another 3 days, etc. Then they said 2 more weeks. They sell what they don't have. You pay extra to get a system immediately. They should be prosecuted. Sorry to see my until then outstanding relationship with Dell Small Business dissolve but it is what it is and it's based on their actions.

    So I go to Wal-Mart last night and buy a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8.

    Windows 8 is complete fucking trash. I can only attribute it to the fact that Microsoft headquarters is located in the suicide capital of the world. The sun never shines up there and they're all cooking meth and drinking and killing themselves. Just watch Cops; every suicide call is King County, WA.

    No sane business person would make a concious decision to do that to the world's most successful operating system. It's much worse than what Coca-Cola did to Coke when they almost wrecked the company in the 1980's.

    I'm going to wipe the drive on that system and install Windows 7.

    Short MSFT with both fists.
  2. i bought a new HP tower about a year ago with windows 7 after my dell mother board fried.

    anyway, i thought the days of the dreaded blue screen of death were over. nope. it happened once and im not running anything an average user would run.

    also, microsoft has been in the browser business for a long time yet chrome is like 10x better than ie.

    i think they have a leadership problem.

    but most of there money is made on the enterprise and server side so maybe they just dont care.
  3. I just bought a new dell with windows 7. Think maybe I made the right choice.

    But my old dell with windows vista gets slower every day and although I've gotten some help here from ET, it hasn't helped much.
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    I would say that Windows 7 is basically a fix to Vista to make it actually work correctly. I like it.

    The problem with Microsoft is that they will come out with things no one wants for example Windows 8. No one who uses a computer wants their computer to work like their cell phone. Actually, I rather have my phone work more like my computer.

    The one thing I like about Dell and some other hardware markers is that they put a copy of the operating system on a hidden partition of the hard drive so that when u need to fix the computer its faster.

    When I used to manage networks we ran Novell on our file server since it was a solid network operating system that you could achieve 99% up time with. Normally, I would only use a new operating system when I had to replace the hardware. Also, you rarely had to take it down for patches where it seems they need to patch Windows every week, and you don't know if the patches may cause a problem or not.
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    You were able to enable the start menu before, but some update patched it and you were stuck on metro. What you can do is pay like $5 and get start8 and problem solved-- back to regular old windows.
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    I tried the new system and could survive with the new way to use Windows without the Start button, that's not a too big issue, although I think those who use computers professionally like me don't need such change, it does not make life any easier.

    What made me really mad about W8 is that it crashed over and over again, something I hadn't seen since Windows 95!

    I just got rid of it and reinstalled W7, what a relief! Normal life again.

    Windows 8 really sucks, keep away from it. :mad:
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    Windows8 Pro was ordered twice for 2 computers to replace XP PRO on both trading boxes. Well, in a nutshell, W8Pro itself is just fine, faster than W7 Pro and once you get the hang of HOW to use W8 on a desktop you will be very happy. Now, the bugaboo showed up NOT FROM THE OS itself...but from the applications that are web based and not ready for W8Pro. Example: Sierra charts choked on W8, other apps worked just fine.

    I now have 2 trading boxes with W7Pro one oem version and the other with W7Pro retail version in case I need to replace something fast since the retail version can be switched to any computer without Microsoft having a fit. I also have W8 Pro in another box that is not used with X-Trader or the Sierra charts account but used for web surfing, e-mail, porn (ha) or whatever I wish, it rocks just fine with the i7 3770k and asus mobo with 8 gb ram, over clock to 4.1..........

    The message is simple..........W8 Pro is really good ONCE you know how to use it, it will indeed be used for trading boxes later when the slow pokes know how to use it properly (unless I drop the final web based crap and use tradestation charting app based). TT trading technologies which is application based ( and the freaking BEST order entry application in the business by far) and NOT web based actually said we have NO PROBLEMS with W8 PRO. You get what you pay for.

    I got the 2 W8 Pro versions from Staples when they had the deal on, each DVD was $74 WITH media center........ W7 Pro retail was a whopping $290, but that is the price you pay for emergencies when a oem box takes a dump on you....... Ok, now that you know how to use a modern operating system, enjoy some entertainment from the past....

    Microsoft no longer sells RETAIL versions of the os, they now call it "system builders", that replaces ALL versions including OEM. You NO LONGER can buy a copy of a RETAIL operating system unless you grab a copy of W7Pro retail (NOT upgrade) before they are gone....... Microsoft no longer wants anyone to use a copy of os in another box. Once "system builders" is tied to a certain motherboard, it is deflowered from being used in any other computer.
  8. Baboon crap rolls down hill.

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  9. i cant think of another ceo who has done so little with so much.
  10. XP was the last great operating system they came out with. Windows 7 wasn't terrible, but was overrated, because Vista was a disaster.
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