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    Anyone knows if Windows 8 will be available for download trial like Windows 7 was or is ?

    Thank you
  2. Yes. 90-day evaluation period. Do a web search for "windows 8 evaluation" and look at the link for
  3. Anybody out there want to comment on what is great/not-so-great about Windows 8?

    Should I upgrade?
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    Not so great. If you do not have to switch stay with Win 7 and wait for more user experience comments or new release/SP1-3:

    - Confusing because of 2 different and incompatible user interfaces: Metro and Desktop
    - 2 different browsers: Metro and Desktop browser
    - Distractive and lowers productivity because it forces you through Metro UI too often and it takes all your screen. There is a split screen option to have 2 apps running (Metro and Desktop) but it does not help much.
    - With new security and new environment there might be some issues running legacy software or installing new software.
    - It is a toy and not business grade.
    - On the compute side not an improvement over Win 7
    - Computer navigation is not as convenient because again they want you to use Metro to launch all apps (both Metro and Desktop) - famous no Start Button issue.
    - email issue at least with pre-release version - it does not let you to use POP email address - it hast to be web mail or something like that. I do not know if this issue is fixed and what is different for production version but there was a talk that they will allow POP email.

    Do not have any positives to report except that it is new UI kind of fresh look and is exciting to play for a while but it does not do much for productivity.
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    If you do not own Windows 7, you can upgrade to Windows 8 from XP or Vista for a very low price, so in that regard one of the cheapest Windows upgrades in history, for our times, definitely is.

    I also read that the Windows 8 Kernel enhances CPU/GPY efficiency but can't confirm.

    Basically MS's way of getting you to become familiar with Metro so you can then get hooked on their mobility products.

    Metro also allows you to use multiple applications simultaneously something currently unavailable in iOS.
  6. I put the pro version on an extra drive and played with it today and it is bad. Under all the big tiles is basic looking win 7 with a full screen start menu with lots of crap on it I dont need to see. takes about 5 clicks to shut down.
  7. Careful the guy selling puters at Sams told me once you upgrade you can't downgrade without a complete re-install don't know if true or not.
  8. You can keep varying amounts of files depending on your old os but you cant go back, I am sick of it. Some xp programs and my printer wont install. I may have to short msft next week at some point to get my $40 back:eek:
  9. It's trash made for 13 year old girls to send butterflies to grandma.

    I hear there's an Enterprise version that's supposed to be for people to do real work but I don't trust them and I don't believe a word they say.

    You can take Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and do some work on it and come up with a real good OS for doing work and not socializing.
  10. You know you can turn Metro off so that it looks & feels identical to W7.

    Generally W8's kernel is more efficient than W7.
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