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  1. Anyone running Windows 7 on any boxes, regardless of trading?

    I am. I have a few things I found which you may like. They are GodMode, the new file structure, and Admin Rights. If you don't trust yourself to edit a registry, I suggest you don't do these things though. If you're confident modifying the OS such as is done for dedicated machines, then you should enjoy these.

    GodMode shows you all OS commands in a list so you don't have to fight the new Control Panel and new file structure to accomplish objectives. To run GodMode, copy this string GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
    into your C:/Windows folder (or any folder). As soon as Windows parses it, it will turn into a blue icon. I right clicked the blue icon to send a shortcut to my desktop and that's where I run it from. Pretty cool.

    New File Structure: If you're coming from XP you're probably very frustrated with the file structure. For example, if you try to get into MyDocs the system keeps telling you that you're not allowed to view the contents of the folder. But what's really happening is that there is no MyDocs folder even though you see a folder called MyDocs. Sound stupid? It is. Here's what's really happening. They put a folder icon with MyDocs written on it but in reality it's just a shortcut to map old XP files to the new file structure. Instead of MyDocs you'll have Documents, Music, etc... It really helps to understand this.

    AdminRights: By default Windows creates one and only one account with full Admin Rights. But they disable it and they hide it. Even if you create a new account and tell it you're an Admin, it only gives you a few extra perks. Here's how to get the real Admin account going so you really can make operating system changes. Go to Control Panel/ Admin Tools/ Computer Management/ Local Users and Groups/ Users and in the middle of your screen Right click Administrator and select Properties and uncheck the Disable box. Log off and on as Admin and you can make any changes you want.

    If you know any helpful stuff like this, please pass it along in a reply.
  2. Interesting post, mgookin. :) But, at net, it seems a mixed response to Win7:;contentBody

    "The Bottom Line" as stated on last link above is real good:

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    Please comment on the above, thanks. :)

    Derrick1983, thanks for your informative post. :)
  4. just bought a new laptop with 7. seems fast and works well. the only complaint is the desktop interface is not that great and you are not able to go back to the classic look like you could in past versions.
    ninga and tws both work just fine on 7.
  5. Microsoft says Windows 8 will be out before support for XP has ended. Looks like no compelling reason to move to W7.
  6. I have dozens of reasons to hate and badmouth Microsoft, but must admit they did good with Win7.

    There are plenty more tweeks then the ones I posted above. In my Win7 install I have turned off aero, snap and most of the toys. My Win7 desktop looks just like my XP desktops. Benchmarks are quite impressive on my quad core DDR3 system. I can't speak for how it will run on the average Dell off the shelf box.
  7. Thanks, Scataphagos for the answer. It is surprising! So fast, why so? Was there a problem with Windows 7? So will it be a loss and wastage of time for people who have switched over to Windows 7?
  8. There's no compelling reason to do anything 'cept drink out of a straw and drool all day.
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    Windows 7 is best.Because it has better features then the other.And Windows 7 is a vast improvement from Vista as it takes up much less ram and has other optimizations such as fast booting times. I recommend Windows 7, and if you really don't want vista and don't want to wait for the final version of Windows 7, you can download a copy of the Release Candidate from the Microsoft website for free and use it up till June of 2010. I am working with the Release Candidate right now and so far I have absolutely no complaints, considering Im a heavy computer use with advanced software.
  10. I've decided not to mess with W7, so I don't have personal experience. But from what I've read, even W7 isn't a legit reason to abandon XP. Sure, fancy Aero graphics and all, but benching comparos show mixed results as to which is the better performer overall (though most conclusions give the nod to W7 by a bit... and at least some of those are likely rationalizations by testers having switched to W7 on their personal rigs, but that's not a legit reason to change for most users).

    And from what I've seen on CrystalDiskMark, my SSD performs BETTER with XP than with W7.

    Microsoft will roll out W8 with a cool new feature or two (like Aero and DX10 in W7) and use that to justify everybody who bought W7 to "upgrade"... it's more about money than improving the OS.
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